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  • Each action type and caliber presents advantages and disadvantages, so make sure the action type or caliber fits the hunting or home defense purpose for which the firearm is being used.

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Striker-fired with a short, light, crisp trigger pull for faster, more accurate shooting
Slim, lightweight and compact for personal protection
Rugged construction with a through-hardened steel slide and one-piece, high-performance, glass-filled nylon grip frame
-Firstly,Compatible with standard LC9 and LC9s magazines and accessories.
-Secondly ,Features such as Striker-fired featuring a short, light, crisp trigger pull for faster, more accurate shooting
Slim, lightweight and compact for personal protection.
– More to that , Rugged construction with through-hardened slide and one-piece, high-performance, glass-filled nylon grip frame.
-Also the Checkered grip frame provides a secure and comfortable grip
Smith & Wesson 642 CT .38

Lightweight alloy frame for easy carry
Stainless steel barrel and cylinder
Crimson Trace® Lasergrips for fast and accurate shot placement
Snag-Free enclosed hammer
Rated for Continuous +P Use


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Client Testimonials

This was my first pistol and after doing a lot of research into different guns came to the conclusion this was the best choice for value, dependability, ease of maintenance, and availability of upgrades and ammo. Wow, I was not disappointed. Went shooting for the first time with my brother who is a police officer and he was shocked how good a grouping a first time shooter pulled off. Shot the cheapest ammo with no problems, recoil was soft, the extra grip enhancers allowed me to put together a configuration that fit me perfectly. My next pistol will definitely be another Glock. Just a fantastic gun. 

Havette Reine

Very sleek, impressive accuracy and ease of use. I think the price was fair for such an excellent product. Also Brain told me he …Read More 

World Travelers

Outside of the military, it was a no brainer for me to pick one of these up as my main carry choice. The tasteful and effective up grades that came with the gen 4 makes it even a better choice. For those wondering why there are so many glock fans/fanatics, get out there and take one to a range. It feels like an extension of yourself when it is in your hand. Not to mention the abundance of aftermarket gear and mod being the largest driving force. Its reliability is obvious given it awarded U.S. and international military contracts. Cheap, reliable, accurate and up gradable. Comes with a pair of clips to boot.

Barrell Shooters

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